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Program Overview

I have a created a year long program that runs from Jan-Nov all specifically designed for you to Love Your Life. You will learn how to remove the blocks to love in your life and become all you were meant to be.  Each class is designed for you to grow and transform  from the inside out.  CEO/Founder of the Daily Love Assignment Marie Cornelio will be teaching a total of 10 monthly classes in this year long program.






Who Should Attend Program?

Anyone who wants to transform their life from the inside out and create lasting and permanent positive shift.  Student must be willing to shift their perception from fear, lack and limitation to love, abundance,  expansion and miracles.




What you will learn each month


 January:  How To Fall In Love With Yourself

In this class you will learn the importance of having a deeply loving relationship with yourself.  You will learn helpful techniques and exercise on how to silence the inner critic. You will learn why you must love yourself first before you can love your life or anyone else fully.  You will learn how to trust yourself and how to make decisions and receive direction from the voice within.  How to love authentically and show up everyday as your true loving self.

February:  Love & relationships

In this class you will learn how relationships are spiritual assignments. You will learn how to cultivate loving relationship in your life both  romantic and/or platonic.   You will learn how to attract more loving experiences into your life.   You will learn about healthy vs unhealthy relationship. You will learn how to set healthy standards and boundaries in relationships. You will learn how to energetically stop  attracting unfavorable experiences into your life and how to cut the cords. You will learn what love language are.

March: Miracle Mindset & Abundance

In this class you will learn how to cultivate miracle mindset and how to activate your faith muscle. You will learn how to attract more abundance into your life. We will talk about healing your relationship with money so you can attract more of it into your life.  You will  learn what mindset that is keeping you stuck in poverty, despair and how to reprogram that mindset to live abundant and thriving.

April: How To Create An Amazing Spiritual Practice

In this class you will learn how to cultivate loving and amazing spiritual practice into your life. You will learn how prayer, meditation forgiveness and being grateful are the  spiritual bedrocks of any spiritual foundation. You will learn how to listen from within and be your own spiritual guru.  You will learn about awareness, being present and setting intentions. You will learn about how you are a spiritual being having a human experience. You will learn how to cultivate more inner peace, harmony and love in every area of your life.


May: Follow Your Bliss & Find Your Purpose and Passion

In this class you will learn how to find your bliss and purpose with easy exercises. You will learn how to become self-aware and serve the world with your gifts through  connection, community and service. You will learn how important following your bliss is in the big picture of your life. You will learn how to remove common road blocks that keep you stuck and not living on purpose or ignited with your passion.

June:  Setting Goals and Taking Inspired Action

You will learn the power of intention and the power of action. You will learn how to set easy goals that will propel in the direction to seeing your big dreams and goals realized.  You will learn how its the small everyday inspired steps that help you reach your big goals. You will learn how to quickly move through procrastination and how to stop comparing yourself with others. You will learn how to get over some the common stumbling blocks that keep you stuck.


July: How To Love Your Body No Matter What Size You Are

You will learn how to love your body no matter what size. In a image obsessed age. It’s so important to just love your body with no judgment and heal your self esteem once and for all. You will learn how to view your body in a healthy way and how to accept, be kind, loving and compassionate with your body. This is not a class on how to lose weight or how to gain weight. This class is designed for you to learn to not judge your body and instead to simply unconditionally love it, as is.  In a world where so many are starving, dying to be thin and compulsively purging or on the other end of the spectrum compulsively binge eating and emotionally overeating. This class is here to help you reconnect with your body as a sacred temple and in a healthy way. You will learn exercises to cherish, honor, respect  and love your body no matter what size you are.

Aug: Summer Break


September: How To Live Life Courageously

In this class you will learn to live outrageously courage’s and to ditch the victim mentality  You will learn to rise above any past mistakes and hardship and become a mighty courageous warrior of love.  You will learn how to face and walk through your fear. You will learn how to rise above set backs and disappointments quickly. You will learn how to move through your fear and limiting beliefs. You will learn how to co-create your life and be proactive, positive and mindful.


October: How To Love Through Forgiveness

In this class you will learn how to forgive and let go of past or present painful experiences. You will learn how to love in the present.  You will learn new skills for setting healthy boundaries. You will learn what forgiveness is and what it is not. You will learn a strong sense of positive self-worth & self-esteem.  You will learn you are more then enough and worthy of all the good life has to offer.


November: How To Live A Life Of Gratitude and Inner Abundance

In this class you will learn how to become self-aware and intentional about gratitude. You will learn how to start and keep a gratitude practice that will increase your joy level for the rest of your life.  You will learn traditional and non traditional ways to keep a gratitude practice. You will learn the latest scientific and spiritual benefits of gratitude.


Dates & Tuition

Time: Second  Monday of each month  @ 6pm PST/9pm EST for 45 minutes with a 15 min Q &A Dates: Jan 14th, Feb 11th, March 11th, April 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, Sept 9th , Oct 14th, Nov 11th Can’t make the calls? No problem! Download an MP3 of the class the next day.

Tuition: $299.00

 If cash is tight, we offer a “Pick Your price” model where you can choose your price  ( $299.00, $199.00,$ 99.00 ).

You will receive full access to this year long program no matter what amount you are able to pay. And, if cash is *super* tight, you can apply for a scholarship!



About Marie Cornelio

Marie Cornelio is the CEO of Marie Cornelio International and the president and founder of Daily Love Assignment™ and Daily Love Assignment e-University™ and the Founder of  Inner Tough Chic (k)! Institute™ of transformational learning for life and business. Marie works with CEOs, executives, entrepreneurs, leaders, women and men to integrate transformation into their personal lives and business. Marie’s style of teaching aids women and men in unleashing their full potential while creating a lasting level of positive change they desire.  Marie is ordained and officiates weddings. In 2012 Marie established Burst Global Publishing a boutique independent, self-help and transformational publishing company. She is also the author of  best selling Sacred Elegant Weddings, The Little Black Book Of Empowering Tips, Love is Series Vol 1, Daily Love Assignment and A Thousand Tiny Miracles (Winter 2012/Spring/Fall 2013). You can visit Marie, access her video blog and article archive, and find out more about her and all her companies at Website: www.MarieCornelio.com  Marie lives in Northern California where she loves celebrating life with her family and riding her bike or taking daily gratitude walks with her dog Roxie -Love.


Praise For Marie Cornelio


Marie, you have been my light in my darkness.  You have given me courage to proceed with my intentions. Thank you for your guidance. You nurtured me in my cocoon and allowed me to push through it and fly as a butterfly with patience, guidance, and love. I love you!– Carla Mino

Marie is a powerhouse and a teachers, teacher. Her laser intuitive focus and discernment helped me cut through the BS in my life. If you are ready and serious. Marie can help you transform your life. -Russell Allison 


 You covered so many tips I can apply to my life immediately to experience peace and self love in my life.

-Kenya Halliburton CEO My Content Planner

“The more I have learned about Marie’s commitment to helping create a more positive and loving world, the more I wanted to support her mission! 

-Angela Schaefers Author and Founder Of Your Story Matters


Marie is one of those teachers that come around once in a lifetime. She  helped me with my low self esteem and self-hatred issues. She helped me love my life again and change it for the better.   I will forever be grateful to Marie. If you want true transformation Marie is the teacher.

-Julie Ann  Doan



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