History of Daily Love Assignment


The Daily Love Assignment ™was founded by Marie Cornelio August First, 2011. It started as a facebook community and on twitter  and we quickly grew.   The Daily Love Assignment ™ way of life is simple. Love yourself, love others and love the planet. We believe life is our classroom and love is our assignment.

The Daily Love Assignment™ way of life is  a way of showing up in the world and live-ing and be-ing . We are a strong community of people who choose to live life conscious, awakened and aligned with Love.  By simply being Love embodied in human form and spreading love everywhere we go. We believe Love is strong and the answer to everything. Fear ,unforgiveness and hate will paralyze you and keep you stuck and living small. Love will set you free and build you up to be all that you are meant to be.


 Feel free to join us and together we can help heal this planet through self-love, self-acceptance and unconditional love.

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10460325_814791338532871_4845325114537282524_nOur Founder, Marie Cornelio is a grounded spiritual teacher, poet, artist, lover of life,  personal development guide and transformation specialist.  Best selling author,  inspirational speaker, meditation and gratitude practitioner and america’s soul nutritionist.  Marie leads retreats, events and speaks to worldwide audiences inspiring them to love and see the best in themselves. Marie’s style of spiritual teaching  aids women and men in unleashing their full potential while creating a level of positive change they been desiring. Marie is currently working on the forthcoming book Daily Love Assignment- A 365 Daily Devotional Guidebook for Living A Life of Self-Love & Acceptance. Marie lives in Northern California where she loves celebrating life with her family and taking daily gratitude walks with her dog Roxie-Love or riding her bike www.mariecornelio.com





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